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Things Won't be the Same

It happened.

I blinked.

And then our oldest was packing up his car… hugging us all goodbye.

Going off to start his adult life… about 700 miles northeast from us…

Flying away.  (ok… driving away. :)

No matter how many times I’ve thought about it,

No matter how often I’ve written about it,  (This whole blog is about preparing them to leave, Gosh Dang it!)

It still was a surreal experience as we loaded up his car at 6 am, and said our goodbyes.

I think the hardest part was watching as his siblings shed their tears with him over the past month as the decision became final.

And then watching them hug and cry their goodbyes that morning.


I remember when I left home. It was never quite the same when I came back home to visit.

My siblings were growing up without me there.

They were making new friends, having new experiences… and I wasn’t a big part of them.

I was having new experiences, meeting new people, traveling around the mid-west… and they weren’t.

Things won’t be the same for our family either.

And that’s ok. It takes change to make new and wonderful things happen.

But it doesn’t make me miss the old any less.


Things I’ve learned from this experience:

It will take work to stay closely connected at this distance.

Busy lives require intentional time set aside for communication with the one who isn’t in the house anymore.

There aren’t times we are both in the kitchen getting ready for the day.

There aren’t times sitting at the dinner table together enjoying Taco Tuesday.

There are no lying on the living room or kitchen floor chatting about our day. (for some reason we like floors instead of chairs) 

So it takes more planning and using the technology that is available to us.

Social media, texting, FaceTime, videos, phone calls…

All have made him feel a little closer.

Our kids tend to learn well on a need to know basis. (don’t we all?)

I love watching how many things he is learning right now. 

Life is a great teacher. Way better than me.

All those things I tried to make him care about for the future…

things like shopping for groceries, cooking, etc.

 he is now doing a fantastic job of learning.

Because now he cares about it.


I miss him.

I miss him sneaking up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist, and hearing him say, “I love you, Mom. You’re the best.”

Technology can’t give me that.

I am looking forward to a few of those hugs when he comes home to visit.

Ok. Maybe more than a few.

I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

Watching my son decide it was time for him to pursue dreams, to go out on his own was a reward in itself.

He made this video for one of his youtube channels that sums up how I feel. I am excited, sad, happy, and sentimental.

He is an amazing young man, full of passion, drive, and creativity.

He makes me see life outside of the box, encouraging me to think.

He hates injustice, and is willing to stand for what he believes in.

I am so thankful for the friends he has, and the relationships he is building inside and outside of our home.

His love and generosity for his friends and family makes my heart full.

It is an honor to be his mom.


What about you? Have any of your kids left home?

What is something you miss the most from having your kiddo around?

I’d love to hear from you!

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