Summer Survival: When Less is More

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When less is more-3


Like many families, our family has been excited about the coming summer months.

School got out last week, and we celebrated with a math book shredding~pizza party!

Here’s a video of our work text shredding party!

As we approach the summer, we can be tempted to fill every free moment with planned activities and outings.

Taking advantage of the change of schedule and the longer days.

As I scroll through the internet, I am reminded of all the fun things there are to do in our area.

I receive emails full of coupons and invitations.

I see really cute and creative crafts and activities.

I start comparing my life to someone else’s. 

Pretty soon, if I am not careful, I have a car full of hot, cranky kids begging to stay home.

When thinking of surviving the summer months, the statement Less is MORE is very helpful to guide my over~planning brain :

After 19 summers with kids in my home, I have found we would rather do a few choice outings than many outings just for the sake of it.

Having a talk with my kids helped us pick a few things that everyone would enjoy.

Here’s what we came up with this summer:

Something physical: bowling (We are participating in the kids bowl free program in our area. )

Something academic: library (We are participating in our local reading program.)

Something furthering a passion: Beauty and the Beast summer play, film camp

Something social: weekend visits to local family and friends

Just with these things already on the schedule our summer is full.

After I add in driving time, shopping, sleep, meals, cleaning, doctor and dentist visits, allergy shots, reading, two summer birthdays, people visiting, and practicing for the play…

Well, you see what I mean.

By choosing to do less… we are able to give more to the things we are involved in.

The kids feel confident and have fun in their play because they’ve had time to practice.

They actually read the books they checked out from the library.

We have time to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa, aunts and uncles, and cousins, making memories together.

We have time to visit with friends.

They are learning to bowl better!

I want to make the most out of our summer… by doing a little less than I was tempted to try.

By picking the most important things to us at this time.

And doing them well and with enjoyment.

How about you…

What are some things that are important to your family over the summer?

Maybe you are going on a big trip or want to learn something new. I’d love to hear about it!

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