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With his team by his side, James realizes he has everything he needs to live a full life in spite of his obstacles.

An illustrated children’s book about allergies

“My kids LOVED this story! I do too!”

-Amazon Review


James feels a little scared.

He discovered that he is highly allergic to several things. These allergies sometimes make it hard for James to breathe. He wonders if he will ever be able to live a normal life.

Join James on an exciting adventure as he battles allergy-minions…

…and finds the courage he needs to face his fears.



Available in physical and digital formats!


  • Physical copy
  • 72 pages
  • Includes access to online resources
  • Can also be used as a coloring book
  • Purchase an extra copy for your local library, school or doctor’s office



Kindle Version

  • Immediate download
  • Start reading within minutes
  • Includes access to online resources
  • Can be read on multiple devices: Kindles, smartphones, iPads, tablets, desktop computers.



All versions include access to additional online resources!

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Here’s what parents are saying…

Our family so appreciates this story as one of our sons struggles with allergies and asthma. He repeatedly brings James and the Big Battle to me and asks, “will you read this to me, Mommy?” All of our kids enjoy the creative allergy fighting characters and I hear them discussing the different methods used to fight the various allergens. Just this morning I read it again (by request) to a couple of them in the hearing of the older ones. This then prompted a discussion among the older ones about what an epi-pen is and how anti-histamines work. Ninja Lee is their favorite allergy fighter and they love all the minions and their expressions. The engaging story-line is a great springboard for discussion as well as a way to foster assurance in kids as they learn to take an active role in their own health-care.

This was such a great children’s book. It was written in a fun and playful way. I think kids with or without allergies will really enjoy reading this book but especially kids and their parents who have to deal with facing allergies. It really gives the reader insight on how a child with allergies might feel when facing their allergen. My girls loved reading it and have already read it a few times. It’s a must read book and I will be recommending it to all my friends, specifically the ones with food allergies.


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About Jen Burns

About Jen Burns


Jen is a mother of six children (ages 10-18), who loves to sing harmony, go on dates with her best friend (Mike), and watch every version of any Jane Austen-ish story out there. She also loves hearing that anything she has written has helped someone. To make a load lighter, to give encouragement, and to share her thoughts and experiences are her goals in writing. The story in this book was inspired by her youngest son. His journey with allergies and asthma, combined with his imagination and his love of video games, produced the story of James and the Big Battle.

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