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Is there a Personal Assistant in your pocket?-3


Maybe being organized comes easy for you. 

Maybe you are a pro at finding and using the latest and newest time management tools.

Maybe it comes natural to you to have a place for everything and everything in its place. 

If this is you, than what I am going to say will seem like such a “duh,” post.

Or maybe…

… the thought of writing everything down that you do each week is a frightening one.

… you have to remove the layers of appointment reminder cards from your frig because they are a fire hazard.

… you wake up in a panic when the electricity surges off and on, because you don’t remember if you paid your bill last month.

… you get a bill for the doctor’s visit you forgot last week… cause they charged you anyways.

… your library has wanted posters up with your face on it.

I feel your pain. I really do.


For my first 8 or so years of adulthood, I struggled with basic calendar scheduling. 


I tried to find ways to keep up with all the info,

break the big projects into doable sized tasks, (bite sized ones!)

and set reminders for all the appointments. (so I could actually go to them!)


The scraps of paper, index cards, and backs of receipts… just weren’t cutting it anymore!


One of the tools that I tried to use to help me be able to do this… was a wall calendar.

Now back in the day, that would have been a good start.


When Mike (my hubby) first tried to get me to use a portable calendar, I was stubborn.

(Mike is one of those time management nerds… and I feel soooooo sorry for him being married to me!)

I thought having a schedule would hinder my “creative” and free spirit!


But after years (I told you I am stubborn!) of coaxing and subtle hints from Mike…

(“oh, look honey… I got you this really pretty planner from work today!”

He worked at Franklin Covey for a few years. Like I said… poor guy!)


… and I got tired of trying to keep it all in my brain

… and saw that Mike was able to relax and be in the moment more by using his planner

… well, I decided to give it a shot!


It has evolved over the past 12 years …

from the wall calendar (which didn’t work so well for being on the go!),

to a Franklin Covey planner (which was a nice way to keep my info with me wherever I went),

to about a year ago I realized I have a personal assistant in my pocket!!!!!!


It’s my smart phone!


I have this wonderful calendar app that sincs with my desk top at home.

Having my phone with me everywhere is the easiest calendar I’ve ever kept up with.



My calendar app helps me plug in my appointments and when I want to accomplish my “to do’s.”

I use it at the doctors, dentist, library, out at the store, and more.

The office staff at these places make comments about how organized I am.

I have literally laughed out loud at them… and then apologized saying “Thank you, I am trying.”

I can set alerts to remind me of a commitment , and then move what I didn’t get done to another day.

One of the other benefits of using the online calendar is that my husband and teens all use the same calendar app.  

As they have gotten more obligations outside of the home, it has helped cut back on double booking.


In a life full of “to-do’s,” I have to set aside intentional time to connect with those that I want to know the most.

Life in a house of 8 people tends to be just a little “cray-cray” at times. :)

Having a clear plan for my time and appointments makes it doable, and helps keep the priorities on the forefront.


If you feel overwhelmed with keeping up with your schedule,

I’m encouraging you to take some time to check your pocket. 

See if you have an option of a calendar app on your phone.

If you don’t… find a portable calendar you can keep on you. 

and then write down ALL of your commitments. 

And then CHECK your calendar before you commit to more!


Whatever you choose, give it a fair try.

Habits tend to take a few weeks to build and break.



There is hope. If I can get better at it… anyone can!

How about you? What do you use to stay organized with your time?

Share your organization tips in the comments! I’d love to hear from YOU!

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