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Helping Your Kids Be Creative and Change Their World

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A  book for parents who want to help their children find their unique, creative bent!

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Kids Creative Change 3d PNGAbout the book…

If creativity is so important to the life of a child, why is it often pushed aside or given our leftover energy and time?

Why should you encourage your child to figure out their skill set and find ways for them to use those abilities on a regular basis?

Can your child really make a difference in the world around them?

These questions and more are discussed from the perspective of a mother of six kids (ranging in age from 10-18).





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  • Introduction

Part One: A Case for Creative Change

  • 1 – We need creativity!
  • 2 – Can kids really change the world?
  • 3 – Inspiring Creativity: Our personal experience

Part Two: Obstacles & Solutions

  • 4 – Too busy / Make time for it
  • 5 – Too much entertainment / Control it
  • 6 – Too lazy / Expect it
  • 7 – Lack of freedom / Accept it
  • 8 – Lack of praise / Promote it
  • 9 – Lack of resources / Invest in it
  • 10- Finding your child’s creative bent

Bonus: 100 Ways Your Child Can Begin Using Their Creative Skills RIGHT NOW

  • Closing thoughts: A recipe to follow


What others are saying:

“In a day and age in which education is ever-changing, and debates over creativity and traditional teaching are raging in a high-tech forum, it is critical that we fill the need of dealing with the subject practically. This book does just that! From a mom’s perspective, this book is written with a passion for finding the next generation’s creative minds. As well as stating WHY we need to address the issue of creativity for the coming generations, it – probably more importantly – addresses the issue of HOW to promote creativity in them. Practical, relatable, and easy-to-read, this book is a MUST READ, in my opinion!”  M. Pordea (Amazon Reviewer)

“Real life anecdotes coupled with practical ideas make reading this book a wise investment of your time. Not only the “how”, but the “why” is discussed with ample suggestions for firing the creative spark in your own home.”  Thecolesmx (Amazon Reviewer)

“Most parenting books relegate cultivating creativity in your children to a single paragraph at best. Here you have an entire book dedicated to just that. The author uses many real life experiences with her own large family to provide doable and practical help. Her style is very encouraging and she paints with a broad brush so that any size family with any size income and any kind of schedule can make great gains in making creativity a priority. My favorite section was on adding creative time to the schedule … and guarding that time. Also the section on challenges and solutions was helpful, too. Well written and filled with easy, no guilt solutions that families can implement right away.”  Fnan8095 (Amazon Reviewer)

“”It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” ~Albert Einstein  …and Jen Burns shows us, as our children’s first teacher, how to do just that with our own children in her latest book, “Helping Your Kids Be Creative and Change Their World.” As a former public school teacher and now homeschooling parent, I wholeheartedly believe that every child on earth has gifts and talents that are uniquely their own. With the ability to explore and hone those talents, these kids can do amazing things in their own little world, as well as the world at large. Jen’s book largely draws on personal experience from her family of 8 as well as childhood memories of how to practically approach the ability to give our kids the freedom they need to be creative while maintaining proper balance and boundaries at home. I was grateful to read the practical help, and that it was not a child-centered approach, but rather a child-delighted approach. Investing in our children, valuing them and their individual interests and passions, and helping them to work through the process and work of creativity is very much the theme of this book. Jen addresses the bigger ideas of the importance of allowing our kids to be creative, while also giving practical advice that could begin today for the overwhelmed parent who maybe likes the ideas, but doesn’t know where to begin. Jen provides great examples for how investing in our children’s creative endeavors pays off. Big time. It not only communicates that we believe in the child, but gives them ownership of things they can do for their own confidence and others. It begins with them, then it branches out to putting those skills to use to help others. I love that! This book challenges us to spend the time we have with our kids well. To make it matter. To invest in them now while they are at home. Read it. Wherever you are, from toddler to teen, it will help you to think about how to spend your time meaningfully…and I think even Einstein might agree that that would be a great way to raise a child!”  Teaching Mama (Amazon Reviewer)


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