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“Bored No More” eBook

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Bored No More 3d book standingAbout the book…

Join Brother and Sis on their journey of turning a boring day into one full of creative play!

This book was written for preschool and elementary aged children. It is meant to be an inspiration for children to find pleasure in creating their own fun. It is also meant to encourage them to look at the things around them a little differently and see how they can be repurposed.


Bored No More is playfully illustrated by two sisters (still kids themselves) .

This is the second book in a series of adventures with Brother and Sis. The first is titled, “Room to Play: A Children’s Book about Decluttering”. You can read more about it HERE.

Bored No More PRINTABLES graphic for actual printables pageIncluded in the ebook is a link for FREE printables including a word game and a collection of building fronts that you can print for your children to use to create their own “Recycle Bin Town.” They can fit nicely onto empty cereal boxes or other items you are recycling.

There are also Character Cutouts of Brother & Sis with multiple outfits.

What parents are saying:

“There’s not enough creativity when it comes to kids activities these days. It’s either video games or tv and I’ll be the first to admit my creative skills aren’t exactly stellar. This book contains super cute ideas for kids! Makes me want to unroll all the paper towels and eat all the cereal so we have new “toys” to play with! LOL!!! Seriously, I love how the kids actually used their imaginations to make something out of recycled items. Great book! Love it!!! And my little preschooler princess loved it too!”  -Beka (Amazon Reviewer)

“This is a fun little book that really got my kids’ wheels turning! The illustrations are adorable and the text is rhythmic and clear. I really appreciate the parents guide at the end. This short read is sure to inspire creativity in the kids while teaching mom & dad a thing or two along the way.”  -C. Lowe  (Amazon Reviewer)

“I admit I sometimes get tired of the cardboard carnage all over our home haha but it’s true, give your kids a few boxes and some crayons and it is hours of fun! Love the idea about having a craft area and those things accessible. My kids fight over electronics but when they are all creating they play so well together! It’s a good reminder for parents about what our kids really need!”  -Kate (Amazon Reviewer)

“Be prepared for your child to ask for some cereal boxes or paper towel rolls after reading this book!”  -Jen (Amazon Reviewer)

CLICK HERE to download Bored No More.

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